3 Month Power Coaching Program
Your Opportunity To Step Out Of Uncertainty and Take Control Now!
What if you could have it ALL?

Imagine waking up every day, feeling fulfilled, happy and satisfied as a wife, mother and business woman. Imagine being able to juggle all the things: Work life, wife life AND having time for yourself!

Imagine reclaiming your time, owning your day, and truly, finally, stepping into your power as a mother and successful business woman.
You decide what success looks like for you. You can have it all and feel fulfilled as a wife, mother and woman!

I am taking on a limited number of one-on-one private clients who want to reach their goals, challenge their fears, and upgrade their mindset. 

I only work with highly driven, successful women who are ready to elevate in all areas and execute in order to achieve massive results.


Together, you and I will:

✔Set systems into place and get a clear strategic plan to maximize time and results

✔Get laser focused on your goals while increasing the performance of your business and personal life

✔Go from busy to productive

✔Get crystal clear on your vision for your life/ business 

✔Organize your life for success while juggling all the things

✔Implement a strategy that will FAST TRACK your results

✔Overcome overwhelm  

✔Increase the performance of your business and personal live

✔Decide what areas in your life you want to focus on to achieve success in each area. 

✔Step in to the most confident version of you.

✔Maximize your time, boost your energy and take back your life

✔Redefine success on your own terms, level up and surround yourself with greatness

✔Get over the concept of failure realize you can achieve anything you desire

✔Establish and implement success rituals and powerful ways of living every day.

✔Learn how to execute these strategies in order to achieve massive results for you.

How It Works:

✅3 months coaching support, strategy and accountability around goal setting and goal tracking

✅Twice a month 45 minute coaching calls to dig into YOUR life & business

✅Feedback on your branding, marketing, organization, and clarity systems

✅Recordings of the calls

✅Notes from each call

✅FB messenger and email access in between session to get feedback (I check on this 2-3 times a day Monday-Friday)

$5,000 or $1,800/mo x 3

Limited spots left!
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Before I actually started coaching with Sandi I used to operate day to day. I had goals but I didn’t have structure to them. While we worked on many different things, one of the favorite things that we worked on was finding my niche and target audience.

She help me narrow down my target audience. I was able to come up with a tagline and focus on the clients that I really enjoyed working with. I was also able to transform my branding and marketing to match my niche.

After we were together I ended up starting my team. And passed on everything I learned to my team members. Finding a great coach is a gift that keeps giving because everything you learn you’re able to pass down to others beneath you and that’s truly my goal in life.

- Bethany M
You lit such a fire under me that I was able to really narrow down an area of expertise that I could begin brining In more money. 

I had to get creative because not able to go directly to a clients home BUT pivoted and was able to create a package for clients to begin the process virtually. 

I closed just over $1,100 because my hustle all day yesterday. 

I just got responses and I am so excited. Girl you motivate me! 


So grateful for your suggestions and guidance. I would have NEVER done that brain dump and come up with this if it weren’t for you!!!!!!!!

- Lacey
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