Plan Your Perfect Month
The #1 reason you're missing out on 💸💸💸in your business!⁣
I see it so often in my client's businesses 😳⁣


you can't move the ball forward in your business...

you can't hit your goals⁣...

and why you struggle to keep a healthy work/life balance!⁣

It is my mission to help AMBITIOUS, boss babes online who WANT to HAVE IT ALL (but aren’t sure how or where to start) add systems to their business so they can optimize their time, get MORE done in the day and FEEL FULFILLED in EVERY area of their life!!

Plan Your Perfect Month will allow you to:

-get laser focused on your goals

-align you with the ACTION STEPS to move your business FORWARD EACH DAY

-hit your goals sooner

-know what TARGETS you are going after to hit your BIG, JUICY, GOALS

-find YOUR PERFECT work/ life “balance”

-get MORE done in the day

-finally figure out how to be PRODUCTIVE vs BUSY in home, work and life

-start making more money in your business TODAY with the right SYSTEMS & STRATEGIES 

This is a no fluff workshop, action packed with tangible strategies you can start implementing right away!⁣

This is what you have been needing in your business. ⁣

If you’re looking to figure out how to:

-get it ALL DONE

-implement systems and strategies in your biz and LIFE

-need organization tips and hacks

-what to create YOUR ideal work/life balance


The time is NOW!!

Women who INVEST in themselves go FURTHER!! It’s time to stop depriving yourself of the support and systems you need to go BIGGER!! It’s time to step into your GREATNESS and show the world what you’ve got!!

What You Get:

Plan Your Perfect Year- Video Training 1: Tap into the systems, blueprint and strategies to plan your perfect year to hit your goals, make more money, become ultra productive and live your life on your terms finding your perfect work/ life “balance”. 

Plan Your Perfect Month-Video Training 2: How to Hit Your Goals each month to move your business forward, make more money, grow a team, perfectly plan your days, hit your targets each week and achieve new levels of success in both your personal and professional life. 

Content Planning -Video Training 3: EFFECTIVE CONTENT PLANNING ALLOWS YOU TO: Reach Your Goals Sooner, Get More Done, Save Time, Save Money, Utilize Your Resources Effectively, Use Your Time Wisely,Focus Your Time Exactly Where It Needs To Go vs. Time Suckers

Content Planning Exercise: Use this Content Planning Download to work through your video trainings and plan your perfect month based on your Goals, Projects & To Do Lists. 

Business Building Umbrellas: Use this detailed outline of action items to strategically move your business forward each week!

Magic Morning Day Planner: Tying It Together: Implement my Magic Morning Planner each day to perfectly align your 3 overarching goals, schedule, projects, targets and daily to do’s. 

Content Planning WorkBook: Take action and use your workbook alongside you Content Planning video exercise. Work through each step to gain clarity and focus on the exact areas you will implement in moving your business and goals forward to set your months, quarters and year up for SUCCESS! 

Total Value: OVER $497!!

Yours today for only $297  
Limited Time Offer- Only $197!

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Before I actually started coaching with Sandi I used to operate day to day. I had goals but I didn’t have structure to them. While we worked on many different things, one of the favorite things that we worked on was finding my niche and target audience.

She help me narrow down my target audience. I was able to come up with a tagline and focus on the clients that I really enjoyed working with. I was also able to transform my branding and marketing to match my niche.

After we were together I ended up starting my team. And passed on everything I learned to my team members. Finding a great coach is a gift that keeps giving because everything you learn you’re able to pass down to others beneath you and that’s truly my goal in life.

- Bethany M
You lit such a fire under me that I was able to really narrow down an area of expertise that I could begin brining In more money. 

I had to get creative because not able to go directly to a clients home BUT pivoted and was able to create a package for clients to begin the process virtually. 

I closed just over $1,100 because my hustle all day yesterday. 

I just got responses and I am so excited. Girl you motivate me! 


So grateful for your suggestions and guidance. I would have NEVER done that brain dump and come up with this if it weren’t for you!!!!!!!!

- Lacey
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