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 ::BossLady Burnout to Balance:: 3 Month Program
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Because I just finished the curriculum for the ::BossLady Burnout to Balance:: 3 Week Workshop and I know with every ounce of me that this is going to CHANGE LIVES!!

I dug deep into the coaching call notes of all my one on one clients and I was able to track the exact systems and processes of how these clients had MASSIVE success in working with me!

Not only are you going to get these systems but you are going to get it in the EXACT order that these clients had massive success in both their personal and professional lives!

Why am I so passionate about this?

Because I believe EVERY boss babe, wife, mother, WOMAN is 1000X more powerful than she gives herself credit for!

We do AMAZING things as women!

We run successful careers, have babies, take care of the home and SO MUCH MORE!

So WHY do we constantly question ourselves about how much we can get done and only scratch the surface when it comes to being productive in our own lives?

It’s because we need the RIGHT tools, systems and strategies to make it all happen AND be FULFILLED at the same time!

It’s not impossible, it just takes a different approach than you have right now.

All you need are the systems, tools, time to dedicate to learn and belief in YOURSELF that you CAN HAVE IT ALL!!

This is why I am taking the exact tools and systems I work directly with my ONE ON ONE clients with and consolidating this down into a 3 week group coaching session.

So you can have QUICK WINS in your life!

So you too can see that this is possible!

It’s not magic, it just takes some effort and BELIEF on your part!

So are you willing to put in the work?
Here is what the 3 months will consist of:
Here is what the 3 months will consist of:

✅Twice a week live group coaching calls with hot seats (Value: $1,500)

✅Weekly Q&A sessions (Value: $250)

✅Workbook and Worksheets to stay on track, track your progress and work with throughout the 3 weeks (Value: $250)

✅A support system of other women who are also looking to maximize their time, network, productivity and get to the next level in their career and personal life. (Value: $1,250)

✅Access to ALL of my productivity online courses: Goal Crushing Bundle (Value: $247), Productivity Hacks Bundle (Value: $247), Magic Morning Starter Kit (Value: 247) AND The Leveled Up Mama ($247) 

✅ Magic Morning Day Planner Printable PDF Download

Bonus for first 5 people only!
✅1 ONE ON ONE jump start call with me (30 minutes) to start this journey off RIGHT (Value: $250)

Total value over $7,500!

This group coaching ISN’T for everyone…

This IS for the woman who:

✅Wants to learn the tools, systems and strategies to get ahead in her personal and professional life

✅Learn how to implement systems into her business and life for MAXIMUM productivity

✅Ready to invest and commit her time to 3 weeks of learning, growth and expansion

✅Is tired of being BUSY and who wants to be FULFILLED and accomplished

✅Wants to learn how to MAXIMIZE her time to get the most accomplished

✅Wants to have more energy and motivation to get everything done

✅Is READY to be present in EVERY AREA of her life and start LIVING life instead of letting life run her!

✅Wants ACTIONABLE Tips To Create Life-Changing Habits On Day One


I am committed to getting YOU results, working closely with women who are serious about making a change and stepping into their full power and potential!
We start April 6, so reserve your spot TODAY and get INSTANT access to the bonuses!
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